Legal Fees Memo

​This memo will explain how legal fees are charged by me. There are several criteria for deciding on legal fees which include the complexity and critical advice on the matter, and the time spent on resolving the legal issues. Law Society does not regulate hourly rate or fixed rates for specific procedures. The hourly rate of the lawyer is based on his years of experience and his clientele.

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Transfer of Property to a Family Member

Situations arise when you may want to transfer your property to your relative for a variety of reasons. When you sell the property as a commercial sale for consideration you can follow the general guidelines on the sale of the property and have independent lawyers carry out the purchase and sale parts of the deal. However, when you sell the property to a relative for no consideration the following matters should be given consideration.

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Sale of a Home

SALE OF A HOUSEMEMORANDUM GENERAL When you sell the house we need information from you to prepare the sale documents and statement of adjustments. The purchaser’s lawyer will search the…

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MORTGAGEMEMORANDUM GENERAL This memo is written to provide guidelines to you so that the mortgage work can be completed expeditiously and to minimize the cost to the client. INSTRUCTIONS TO…

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Condominium Purchase

CONDOMINIUMSMEMORANDUM The words "Condominium" and "Co-operative" refer to types of legal structures and not to physical structures. Condominium and co-operative ownership can apply to apartments and townhouses but could be…

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