Practice Areas

The Law Office of Jay Chauhan has practice experience in a number of areas of law.

We have the experience and resources to provide the best result with outstanding and professional service.


Immigration laws continue to change frequently and we advise the client on the best alternatives and options in immigration law area.

​In regards to Appeal matters, our office can be retained to handle Appeals based on the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and in other higher courts.

Our work will be done by lawyer who specializes in this area of law. To minimize the time of initial consultation we urge the client to complete initial checklist of information we send you and then fax or email it back to our office. We then discuss the options and fees.

We understand the difficulties of the immigration process and are sensitive to the importance of it for our clients.

Real Estate

In a competitive market where purchase and sale of property is done with minimal fees, we provide excellent advice through lawyer specializing in this area of law along with predominant amount of work done through a paralegal level staff who can perform documentary work to reduce the cost of the transaction.

We provide summary of the issues that you will deal with in services section where memos are provided to explain basic procedures.

Our real estate work is done by solicitors and paralegals who specialize in this area of law.

We give particular attention to your understanding of property jointly with a right of survivorship which is common for spouses and tenancy in common where the ownership is shared others who are more distant than spouses.

We encourage you to watch our videos on real property issues and urge you to read our memos on the purchase and sale of property and condominiums and commercial properties.

Small Claims Court

Mr. Chauhan has 23 years of experience as a Deputy Judge in the Small Claims Court Richmond Hill.

He has exercised strict conflict of interest guidelines to ensure that no client appears before him when he is acting as a Deputy Judge. 

The jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court has now reached $ 25,000 which is the limits the total amount of claim before the judge, but often the property matters or other matters which have a large value but the difference claimed is within the jurisdiction of the small claims court, the matter can be dealt with expeditiously in this court where the rules of practice are less formal.

Please watch our informational videos located on the website which cover several topics on how to prepare for the trial and drafting of pleadings which was presented by Mr. Chauhan to the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Continuing Professional Development programme. We are preparing new videos on a regular basis to educate the public and paralegals and lawyers on the procedures in this court which handles almost half of all litigation in the Province of Ontario.

Trademark Law

Trademarks are becoming significant in the economies which are changing its hierarchical structure to a culture of outsourcing and consulting where there is a strong need for establishing your identity which can be done through a logo and a registered trademark.

We will be pleased to assist you to create your identity with the help of other marketing professionals and as a legal team assist you with the drafting of your trademark application for Canada, US and other countries. This is a technical area of law which is usually practiced by specialized lawyers in bigger cities.

We are pleased to provide you with this skill in a small town with lower costs, for both drafting applications for Trademarks or in Trademark litigation to defend or commence passing off actions in Federal Court in Canada. We can provide this service across Canada with appointments on Skype.

Family Law

We recognize that adversarial system of common law to resolve family disputes can be emotionally difficult and accordingly we encourage clients and opposing counsel to take a collaborative approach wherever possible or mediate if agreeable.

We provide family law service in different languages including English Hindi, Gujarati and Farsi and we are culturally sensitive in providing family law advice.

The matter will be referred to a lawyer practicing family law and where needed senior counsel advice or mediation service will be provided.

We suggest watching our family law videos and information sections for clients on this website or on YouTube. We would be happy to assist you.

Corporate Law

Mr. Chauhan has over 40 years experience in corporate law including the basic applications for incorporation provincially or federally for corporations with and without share capital and in more advanced technical areas of law which require organizing minute books which have not been properly organized by other non-legal professionals.

We will be pleased to advice you on estate planning and with the support of your accountant tax planning for your corporation.

Where we have dealt with your corporate minute book we will put your company name on our monthly roster of companies to remind you of the annual minutes and meetings required annually by Business Corporations Act.

Currently, we carry over 100 corporations on our roster for annual minutes preparation. We have a support staff specifically assigned to this activity.