A registered trademark can be crucial for your marketing and identifying your goods or services in the market place and make them more distinct then those of others.

A trademark is the use of words or a logo for the purpose of identifying the service or the goods sold by the seller in the market place. A trademark can be obtained for the logo, the design or the picture with colours and words included. An example of this is use of the name “Coca Cola” along with the lettering and style that goes with it.

Although the colours can be claimed as a part of the logo for the trademark purposes, the application is more complicated and somewhat more expensive if the colour is included. We recommend that you apply for the name and if you have a logo, show it as an exhibit to the application to verify the way in which the trademarked wore will be used.

Please list separately the goods and services that you will sell under the trademarked words. This description of the goods and services should be in simple commercial language. It should as specific as possible.

The trademark lasts for fifteen (15) years after registration and there can be a further renewal for fifteen (15) years’ time.

As soon as the application is received, you will be sent a receipt and you will receive priority from that date. The examination will be conducted in about three to six months and you will then receive either the registered trademark or a letter requesting further information.

If you need further assistance, we will bill you separately for such assistance. Typical cost for such further assistance in preparing the reply is about $150. You will be responsible for the replies to be given to the trademark office.

The filing fee of the government for a trademark application is $150. We will discuss our fees with you.

We also do trademark litigation and will be pleased to assist you to protect your trademark in the Federal Court.