RE: Employment Agreement

Written employment contracts are not common except for the employees at the higher management levels. When an agreement is prepared the agreement binds the parties instead of the common law or Employment Standards Act or Labour Union Agreement.

Employment Standards Act applies to middle and lower level personnel and the provisions of the law apply to give the employees the protection in respect of holidays and hours of work and termination pay etc.

Employment Standards Office

The information regarding The Employment Standards Act of Ontario can be obtained at the following address:

Employment Standards Office

74 Victoria Street

Toronto, Ontario



Information as set out in the checklists should be provided to us for us to prepare the employment agreement. This basic information such as the amount of pay, the duties to be performed by the employee, the commencement date of the agreement, the termination date or arrangement for termination by notice, etc. are needed to prepare the agreement.

Independent Legal Advice

Where we are acting for an employer company or an employee it is very important to have the other parties have independent legal advice to avoid the problem of conflict of interest.


The fees for this matter will be charged based on time. After the agreement is prepared it is possible that the other party will want to review the agreement with a lawyer and he might want changes made. The time required is not fully predictable.


Please review the *Disclaimer below. The memorandum is prepared as assistance and guidance to you ONLY and to minimize the time spent in discussion. Any specific questions regarding your matter should be referred to Mr. Chauhan.